About The Boots Network.

Boots.Net started out in life as a domain name acquired by The Commerce Company back in the 1990s. We had hoped to develop boots sooner, but as most everyone can understand, life often gets in the way of the best intended plans. Frankly, the technology had also been an issue in making the process of buying boots more complex. We've tried to address both issues in the new Boots.Net

We're working on developing a dynamic site to include the best in class boots from a variety of fantastic sources. We will be offering boots from a network of affiliate sites and Shopify sellers. We'll always mark them in different ways to help you know which are affiliates and which are direct sales Shopify powered sellers, to help you understand which you will be dealing with.

Shopify Suppliers

Our shopify sellers have the benefit of a single checkout, though because many of these sellers are overseas, they require longer lead times to deliver your boots to you (typically 14-21 days), but the good news is that those products feature free shipping.

Affiliate Suppliers

Our affiliate partners will often have their boots to you in a matter of a few days depending upon the shipping options you choose at their sites. So, if you are in a rush to get those duck boots, you'll want to chose the boots noted as affiliate links.

Please continue to check in on us to see our progess.